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The all new lined nyco hooded jacket

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Devon Phaneuf
Thermal Camouflage

Thermal Camouflage
By Devon Phaneuf

If the earth has tilted, and plants have wilted,
Working outside then requires garments quilted,
Shielding for wielding, rather than decoration gilded,
Protection against the battle of heat’s rejection.

Search no further for a jacket that’ll hack it,
Fit for style and trial with material to back it.
Designed to be tested in temperatures detested,
This jacket is hewn for your investment.

You work hard for a living…
1620 USA Workwear works hard for you.

Nice Jacket

I like this jacket a lot, and the sleeves are an acceptable length for my long arms, but they could be an inch longer. Just like the NYCO shirt-jackets, the fit is on the close side of the spectrum, which I like. I am 6'1", 178 pounds and wear a large. If I wanted to layer with something thick, I'd need to go up to an XL. It would have been nice to have a way to snug the cuff with a snap or velcro to prevent cold air blowing up the sleeves, or just make them an inch longer. I've worn this in sub-freezing temperature with a thin long sleeve wool shirt underneath and it was reasonably warm. The pocket layout, hood and quality are all great. I've also worn this with a NYCO vest over the top and that was really warm without being too bulky. I am a big fan of the 1620 NYCO material, and with some minor refinement this jacket could be perfect.

Nice jacket

I bought this day one when it launched as I had missed out on the soft shell jacket last year. Based on the ad copy for the soft shell and the fact that this was it’s replacement led me to believe this was cold weather gear. It’s not. It is however a nice cool, breezy or rainy fall jacket with an exceptionally well designed hood. If this is to be worn in cold weather it will need to be layered with a hoodie or vest and to do that will require going up one size from your usual. The sleeves could be a touch longer but I have 37” sleeves and it’s not too short but a knit cuff or adjustable closure would go a long way to prevent cold ingress through the arms. This jacket is well made and I expect it will last a long time but realize it’s limitations when purchasing. I really like this clothing and have since ordered two more pieces since the jacket so I’m sold on the product line.

Tyler Westphal
Roofing Contractor

The quality/durability of this jacket seems better than the soft shell jacket you once produced but I do like the overall feel and fit of the soft shell still. The NYCO seams very much so, a work jacket whereas the soft shell has an everyday wear appeal to it too. My one gripe is the sleeves are way to short for someone my size 6’ 4” at 220 pounds. If you could Taylor in more material into the inside of the sleeve I could bring this in to be lengthened but there is none. Longer sleeves and it would be a 5 star.