Fabric Image
We are obsessed with fabric.  In our past careers we sourced, developed and purchased tens of millions of yards of technical fabric from all over the world.   We literally have seen it all, and we are more than proud to say that some of the highest quality technical fabric in the world is still made not only right here in the United States, but in our home state of Massachusetts.
A lot of our competitors tout their products as using ‘advanced’ or ‘technical’ fabrics, but they are still using 100% cotton based old school, traditional, low tech fabric.


Massachusetts based Tweave™ has given us access to high end, exclusive, performance driven materials to create truly superior work pants.  Highly durable synthetic yarns like Cordura, Nylon and spandex are woven together and finished with a DWR  (durable water repellent) treatment to create fabrics that are form fitting, provide full range of motion , breathable.  Our fabric's stretch and rebound actually helps you work longer, with less fatigue, an increased range of motion that helps keeps you safe and improves overall productivity.  The military and the largest professional sporting leagues in the world use this stuff for a reason.  It is the best.  Our competitors do not, because to them it is ‘cost prohibitive’. 
At 1620, we use these materials, because we know
  Work Is Everything.