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This is not just another coverall, this is a suit of armor

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Outstanding coverall

Height: 5'-10". Weight: 160 lb. Size Ordered: Medium w/ 32" inseam.

1620 has taken note of all the drawbacks and shortcomings of cheapo coveralls, and designed what I consider to be the perfect do-it-all coverall. These are SO nice in every way. They don't sag and tug on my shoulders when I'm doing something as simple as standing at the workbench.

Mobility is great and they don't bind up when I bend over, the velcro flaps to access your pants pockets actually work as they should by keeping things out. The snaps on each cuff are great if you need to keep junk from going up your sleeves or if you need to tuck it into a glove, the zipper is heavy duty but slides like butter, and the coating that repels water is AMAZING - one of my favorite features.

Fit of the leg is great for going over a boot without being too baggy, and there is just enough room up top for me to comfortably wear a hoodie underneath for some extra warmth. If you're on the larger side of medium you might want to look into size Large.

Color-wise, the meteorite is straight up black and not a gray-ish like the photos (**** yeah), looks sharp and hides crud very well so you're always looking more fresh than you actually are. If your wife says you look good in 'those coveralls' you know you're doing something right.

I've used up and thrown away a lot of cheap coveralls, so there was some skepticism on these being a "lifetime pair," but these are the most durable and versatile coveralls I have ever had the pleasure of wearing in my shop. I have no doubt that these will stand the test of time. As it is, they almost stand up on their own.

Chopping fire wood, rebuilding a carb, taking out the trash or getting the mail- these somehow make even the dullest task feel like you're doing something important.

10 out of 10.

Evan Graham
Worth it!

there comfy, plenty of room, easy to move in, also they have that special fit and durable look that 1620 always offers and the material quality is top notch, these coveralls are the full Monty!