Lined NYCO Moto Jacket - 1620 Workwear, Inc

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Lined NYCO Moto Jacket


Lined NYCO Moto Jacket


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The All New Lined NYCO Moto Jacket

Customer Reviews

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Charles rendon

You get what you pay for is the old cliché. 1620's customer service is phenomenal! usually wear a large although not in the case of this Moto Jacket. It took an XL to satisfy this order. The exchange was seamless.

Runs small

Seems to be well made. However, I suggest you order a size larger than you normally wear...

Matthew Jorgensen
A 1620 Work Vest with Arms is a Good Thing

Overall a distinctly 1620 Workwear Jacket. This is basically their Work Vest with arms, as I expected. Keep in mind the arms-sleeves are lined with this inner insulating fabric too, so it will not necessarily slide your cotton or otherwise arms for layering easily as you might expect with other satin or poly inner arms on other jackets. But once on the fit is terrific. Fully zipped up the top ~neck is very comfortable with a layered hood fully up as well with no bunch crunch, a refreshing feature as advertised. It is lightweight but still has bulk do to said inner lining. Pockets are likewise large and functional. Rest at a good length.

Sizing can be tricky. Either I am a bit off or the sizing chart is off. I took a guess at Size Large. I find other than their work hoodies, the sizing chart is one size too low, a Large is a big as an Extra Large Chart. In any case, I am 6'2" naked 172 lbs with say a 40" chest. With layers and this Size Large jacket chest of an empirical 24" - 24.5" tampered, it fits very well for a size Medium American Giant Pullover Hoodie or a size Large 1620 Pullover Hoodie.

Please make a Uniform Blue and or Dermitasse Brown color(s) as well.

Denny Chaney
Couple issues but good jacket

Bought this jacket last week, I messed up and ordered a size smaller than what I should have. I do have a couple of criticism about it though. One, is the portion of the jacket around the neck is annoying as ****, it’s stiff and when I turn my head they poke me, also if it’s zipped up all the way, the collar is so stiff it kinda gets in the way of looking down easily. It’s like wearing a neck tie, not comfortable at all. Second issue is the zippers in the center are kinda hard to get lined up to zip. Having to zip both up are not that easy in cold weather when you hands aren’t quite working well. Just my opinion but one could have sufficed. Not a total fail though I do like the warmth and the material is tough. Maybe this review won’t be taken as all bad. It’s just an honest opinion from an old ironworker, I believe in your company and hope you’ll keep making American made clothing