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USA Made, USA Tough: National Fisherman Review

by Josh Walker July 09, 2024 2 min read

USA Made, USA Tough: National Fisherman Review

July 2, 2024 | Ben Hayden

As we approach the Fourth of July, it seems fitting to highlight a workwear company that sources, cuts, and sews all its fabric and clothing in the USA.

In a world where most companies are outsourcing production, 1620 Workwear takes a different path: they do it right. Their U.S. commitment not only guarantees top-notch quality, but also supports American jobs. It's a move that ensures their products meet the highest standards and maintain a level of craftsmanship that’s hard to beat.

Co-founders Ted De Innocentis and Josh Walker originally started the company to make the best workwear in the category, and to give hard-working, skilled laborers the product they have been looking for and deserve. 

“For years, we watched our family and friends working in outdated, cotton canvas gear that didn’t fit and functioned poorly on the job. Cheap products that actually caused fatigue and made their lives harder. By using best in class fabrics and patterns, and making all of our products in the USA, 1620 has reinvented workwear,” their mission statement notes.

The accolades speak for themselves, too.  Gear review company, Gearjunkie, just awarded 1620’s Double Knee Utility Pant 2.0 the ‘Best Overall Work Pants for 2024’

The company’s proprietary Stretch NYCO fabric, engineered with CORDURA® fiber technology is up to 10 times more durable and abrasion resistant than cotton. It’s a difference you can see before even trying them on.  “We’re confident our exclusive fabric will outlast anything you’re currently wearing,” their website notes.

1620 Workwear's Tech Stretch garments use proprietary four-way stretch fabric originally developed for use by special forces and professional contact sports leagues. Its robust double weave construction allows for extended durability and true stretch performance in the most extreme environments.

De Innocentis spoke to the traction their workwear is seeing amongst commercial fishermen. The Shop Pant, Work Hoodies, and NYCO tees have been the most popular for those working on the water.

The next time you're covered in salt water and grease while working on your engine or dousing the hull of your boat with MaryKate On&Off, consider some workwear that you can beat the hell out of for a decade without the fear that it will fail on you. 

Fishermen and shipyard workers know better than anyone that when you work on the water, you need gear that can handle anything. When you choose 1620, you’re not just getting gear that’s built to last—you’re supporting a company that stands for something bigger, a company that values and contributes to the American workforce. 

So this Fourth of July, as we celebrate American independence, let us recognize brands like 1620 Workwear that keep every part of their operations in the USA. 

“Made in USA is the best way we can support our local communities.” – 1620 Workwear

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