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1620 Workwear: 10 Engines Review

by Josh Walker October 30, 2019 1 min read

1620 Workwear: 10 Engines Review

10E2566: 1620 Workwear

Longtime neighbor and supporter of 10e, Josh Walker (formerly of BERN Helmets) has started a new endeavor; 1620. For those readers not from New England or perhaps unfamiliar with US primary school history that is a reference to the date of the pilgrims arrival at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

I have noted before, we are massively lucky to live in the north east.  I tell the interns all the time (and appreciate it myself too) - it is amazing to live in New England and experience on a day to day basis the sites and monuments and stories that other kids in America only read about. We live steps from the path of Paul Revere's ride, Walden Pond, and the birthplace of Concord grapes... Plymouth - as in ROCK - is a short drive away. So much history. Fantastic.  Just words on a page to others - but daily life for yankees (small y... #evilempire). Anyhow - Josh and co are flipping the script on outsourcing and tapping the still-standing Massachusetts mills to create a line of 100% made in USA shirts, jacs, shorts, double-knees and lets see what else...

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