What to expect in our pre-sale

What is Fronted?

We have always been straightforward and honest with you, our customer, and the realities of the American made clothing industry. We are doing this because we are a small, two-man brand that is bootstrapping our way forward. 

We know what is like to be cold, wet, and tired, trying to work in inferior workwear that falls apart and fails on the jobsite.  

This is why we are fighting to change a devalued, offshore category─ to make the best clothing possible for our customers, here in the USA. 

We grow in increments, only by putting all the profits of our brand, back into 1620. This enables us to make the clothing you want at the quality you deserve.  

This is not easy. It is not cheap to make clothing like we do and the winter months after the holidays are hard on small online brands. But the spring months, are cranking. Everyone is busy, seasonal work is back on, you are outside more, and you need the best work and outdoor utility use clothing made. It is our busiest time of year.  

To prepare for this spring build up, we have to invest in inventory while sales are slower. Last year, our pre-sale and your support really helped our brand continue on its mission and make it through the winter.

Now, that spring is almost here, we have worked really hard to bring you even more innovation, choices, and new colors, and a reinvented favorite that has been sold out for months.

The pre-sale will go live on Friday, March 15th, and we wanted to let you know first.

Thank you for all your support!

- Josh & Ted

Sizing and Fit


STRETCH FABRICS - Allows us to make an ergonomically designed and better performing pant that uses less fabric, meaning less chance of things getting caught on machinery or flapping in the breeze when you're riding your motorcycle to work.
MODERN FIT - All 1620 Workwear pants feature a modern fit. This means our waist fits true to size, slightly slim through the thigh, with plenty of room in the crotch and slightly tapered towards the hem. 

Pants Sizing Chart

WAIST MEASUREMENT - Use a measuring tape to measure around your waistline, just above the top of the hip bones. Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight.

INSEAM LENGTH - Grab a pair of pants that fit well and lay them flat on the floor. With a measuring tape, measure the length from the crotch to the bottom of the leg/hem. 


 When in doubt size up, but remember our waistbands stretch for more forgiveness than your traditional work pants.


Our hoodies, shirts and tees have a generous tradesman fit and are slightly longer in length than you may be used to, preventing any unwanted exposure.

Tops Sizing Chart