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This Is the Last Work Hoodie You’ll Ever Need: Gear Patrol

April 10, 2019 | By Tanner Bowden

1620 Work Hoodie

Carhartt, Wrangler and Dickies aren’t the only names in workwear anymore; in addition to companies like Patagonia that are releasing canvas pants and farrier’s shirts, a few new, small brands have popped up to address clothing that’s meant to take a beating. One of the most promising among those is 1620, and it just released its new take on a workwear staple: the hoodie.

1620’s Work Hoodie is unassuming (as workwear should be) — it’s nearly logo-less and comes in black or grey — but offers an unlikely level of customization. Building up from a basic hoodie, you can opt for a snap button collar, reinforced elbows, forearms, and front pocket, or all of these features together. Each upgrade comes with a small price increase, but opting for the plain version isn’t much of a sacrifice; it’s made with an abrasion-resistant, melt-resistant, water-repellent cotton blend fleece.

The Work Hoodie is up for pre-order now (for a 15-20 percent discounted price), but if you’re gearing up for spring fixes now, check out 1620’s pants.

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