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1620 Workwear Double Knee Work Pants: Clad Review

by Josh Walker October 30, 2019 1 min read

1620 Workwear Double Knee Work Pants: Clad Review

1620 Workwear Double Knee Work Pants

These mil-spec work trousers shrug off water, chemicals, and stains, so it still looks fresh even at the end of a long workday.

1620 Double Knee

We know, work pants in a beige color is like inviting dirt and filth to attach themselves to you all throughout the work day. Fortunately, that won’t be the case when you’re wearing 1620 Workwear’s Double Knee Work Pants, which can shrug off stains, chemicals, and water like a boss, allowing you to remove any dirt on the garment by simply wiping it down.

That’s right, these beige pants won’t get dirtied up and stained after a single go-round in the workshop, ensuring you can wear it a whole load of times between washes. It’s cut in a blend of cordura, nylon, and spandex, complete with mil-spec construction, too, so this thing can hold up to the hazards of any job site, all while delivering a comfortable stretch for excellent mobility.

1620 Stretch Workwear

The 1620 Workwear Double Knee Work Pants comes with a gusseted crotch and fully-articulated knees, so you can climb ladders, balance on scaffoldings, and get into difficult positions without much problems. Reinforced ankles, dual-layer knees, and dual-layer lower thighs should help protect your legs from scrapes, while a contemporary fit ensures you look good the whole way through.  Since you’ll be wearing this on jobs, it comes with storage galore on top of the usual hand and back pockets, including a utility pocket, a dual tool pocket on the left leg, and dual pockets sized to hold phones on the right leg.

1620 Work Pants

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