Our products last longer, and are made more socially responsible in America with American made materials. 
We help build and support our local communities and hard working families in the textile industry by sourcing local manufacturing partners and local fabric suppliers. Our fabric's stretch and rebound capacity helps you work longer, with less fatigue and with increased range of motion to help keep you safe and improve overall productivity. We are not trying to make throw away product overseas. We are trying to make the best work wear money can buy. We grew up in hard working, blue-collar communities. We hunted, skied, rode sleds and motorcycles, fished and worked with our friends and family in the trades. We watched all these hard-working, value-driven, gear conscience guys buy technical clothing from outside the work wear category to wear on job sites everyday. We have created a solution based brand and product for men like them. 

Scroll through the rest of our process for the real transparency of how we do things, and what you are paying for. There is more value in our gear than any other product in the category.