1620 Ambassadors-v2

John O'Callaghan

Hometown: Encinitas, California
Tradecraft: Knife Maker / Photographer
Website: johntocallaghan.com

John O'Callaghan, also known for OC Studios and OC Blades, is a custom knife maker and photographer based out of the San Diego area. He's a purebred New Yorker, where he worked as a crane rigger and mechanic to put himself through art school. Getting his start apprenticing for the Navy Seal run Half Face Blades, John quickly learned the craft of knife making and began creating blades in his own style soon after. In and out of the water, John can be caught with camera in hand shooting anything from ocean movement to street portraits of Hollywood's elite. A bit of a jack of all trades, John embodies the saying "be too complex to categorize."

Ben Mcbrien

Hometown: Long Beach Island, NJ
Tradecraft: Functional works of art from reclaimed materials
Website: www.farmhausmodern.com

"Infinitely adaptable but ever recognizable." Woodwork, metal work, restorative work. Ben does it all and at a skill level far beyond his years. A natural at everything he does, Ben has made quite a name for himself as a craftsman and builder. Ben started Farmhaus as an outlet for leftover or reclaimed materials and this is still very prominent in his work today. “It is ecologically responsible but even more for the texture and character that it ads”. A pro surf career took Ben around the world, but he calls Philadelphia home now with his wife and two daughters. We are proud to work with such a talented guy, his no bullshit approach, keeps our gear honest.

Dallas Seavey

Hometown: Willow, AK
Tradecraft: Dog Mushing & Sled Dog Breeding
Website: www.dallasseavey.com

Dallas is one of the hardest working people we have ever met. 356 Days out of the year Dallas breeds, raises and trains arguably the best sled dogs in the world, the other days are spent competing in and winning the 1,000-mile Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race. Alaska born & bred, Dallas is the reigning champion, four time winner and the current record holder in the Last Great Race on Earth. Dallas grew up helping his father (who ran his first Iditarod in 1982 and has competed every year since 1995) raise and train Iditarod winning (2004 & 2013) sled dogs. Understanding the level of commitment needed to build a world class dog team, Dallas brought the fierce competitiveness he used to win the National Championship in greco-roman wrestling to dog sled mushing. Dallas then added some science and Alaskan ingenuity to how sled dogs were trained and raised. He went on to win his first iditarod at the age of 25 (youngest ever) and has won four out of the last five years (his father won again in 2013). He has also won the Yukon Quest making him one of only 6 mushers to win both the Yukon Quest and Iditarod. Though Dallas may be best know for his achievements, 1620 has partnered with him for how hard he works throughout the year. His ranch currently has 90+ sled dogs, each of which is raised personally by Dallas.

Daniel Lanigan

Hometown: Boston, MA
Tradecraft: Entrepenuer; Brewer
Website: www.lordhobobrewing.com

The Moan and Dove. The Dirty Truth. Alewife Baltimore. Alewife Queens. Lord Hobo. And his Lord Hobo Brewing facility, the jewel in the crown. His resume in craft beer, speaks for itself. A true iconoclast he is not afraid to speak from the heart and challenge the system. He is also not afraid to work hard. A lot of people do not see the behind the scenes labor that goes into running breweries, craft beer bars and restaurants. It covers the full spectrum top to bottom. Daniel is 100% hands on, providing great feedback and putting our gear through the ringer.

Garrett Brown

Hometown: Denver, CO
Tradecraft: Furniture Maker
Website: www.garrettbrowndesigns.com

Developing his craft of making furniture into more than just a hobby, Garrett Brown enrolled in Red Rocks School of Fine Woodworking, and after his first 3 semesters he began building professionally full-time. Based in Denver, CO, his shop specializes in unique custom furniture, fine art, and accessories inspired by nature while he pushes his design to make the audience wonder how it was made.

Jonathan Rummel

Hometown: Andover, MA
Tradecraft: Metalsmith
Website: www.handforgedworks.com

Contemporary craftsman, artist, photographer and mountain biker, John wears many hats. Hand Forged Works is his manufacturing facility located in North Andover Massachusetts, that is his pride and joy. He received his training at the iconic artisan guild, called Steeprock. Where under the guidance of such masters as Glen Hartcourt his foundation was built. John proudly credits all the master craftsmen in the US that he has learned from, as he continues his journey as one of the most creative metal workers in the country.

Parker Cook

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Tradecraft: Furniture Maker
Website: www.pcookdesign.com

Parker Cook Design is a custom furniture outfit based in Salt Lake City. In 2011 we were challenged to make an iron entry table for a local furniture store. Armed with a welder and not much more we pulled it off. Flash forward 3 years and our passion for building unique furniture pieces has grown exponentially. Our work can now be seen in homes and storefronts throughout the Wasatch Front as well as in bars and restaurants from Salt Lake to Park City. We provide an alternative to the over processed assembly line furniture manufactured overseas and sold for dirt cheap in big box stores. Our pieces are for people that care where and how their furniture is made. We believe supporting local craftsman is a sure way to build a healthy stronger community and local economy.

Jake Pickman

Hometown: Nantucket, MA
Tradecraft: Builder of Fine Homes
Website: www.ridgelinenantucket.com

Jake has built a rad life on one of our nations most famous islands. He is the founder and operator of Ridgeline Custom Building, a Nantucket based construction company building some of the finest homes, in the world. It is no secret, Nantucket is high end but Jake has always worked with a core, young crew and their mission is to build homes that compliment the classic style of Nantucket and New England, while subtly setting the stantard. His attention to detail and animal work ethic, has been key as a very early member of our company and crew.